Harmoonia is a trading and distribution company based in the UAE, with operations also in Oman. Our goal is to introduce the highest quality
health and wellness products and supplements to the GCC market. As a sister company of Dhofar Global, a prominent provider of public health and hygiene solutions across the UAE, Oman, and Qatar, Harmoonia is well-positioned to utilize 15 years of experience and strong partnerships. We pride ourselves on sourcing and delivering premium wellness products distinguished by their natural and ethical production methods.

To cultivate
wellness and enrich lives through health and beauty solutions.

To empower individuals to lead
healthier and happier lives.

To promote wellness
with top-quality, natural products that prioritize effectiveness and
sustainability, recogninzing recognizing that healthy individuals build a strong

Quality: We meticulously provide the finest natural products that meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. You can trust us to deliver wellness, naturally.

Customer Focus: We prioritize
understanding our customers' needs and foster lasting relationships based on a foundation of true partnership and rewarding customer experiences.

Empowerment: We empower well-being journeys by providing access to natural, effective products and educating customers on their benefits.

About Us

What Our Partners Say About Us

  • Karim Fitouri, CEO of Olivko

    “At Olivko, we take immense pride in our award-winning olive oil, and selecting the right partner for its distribution in the GCC region was paramount. We weren't justlooking for increased reach, but for someone who embodied the values we hold dear. In Harmoonia Wellness, we found the perfect match. Together, we're confident in bringing the health benefits of the Mediterranean to a wider audience in the GCC”.

  • Eva Maran, Partner / Export Manager of Shroomwell

    “Shroomwell is proud to have Harmoonia Wellness as their exclusive distributor in the GCC region. We share a deep commitment to natural wellness and creating a positive impact on people's lives. We're excited for a bright future where Harmoonia's expertise brings the power of
    nature's best offerings to an even wider audience”.